Find the Confidence and Coverage to Go Further in a Certified Pre-Owned Ford


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When you shop for any used car, making sure you know what you’re getting into is key—especially if having confidence in the vehicle you’re paying for is a top priority, or if you’re shopping used for financial reasons. But while it isn’t possible to see the future with any vehicle, it’s still possible to purchase a new-to-you model and ease any worries you might have about longevity—shopping for a certified Ford!

What a Certified Ford Is, and What It Isn’t
We admit, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what “certified pre-owned (CPO)” really means. In broader terms, it usually describes a car manufacturer program that sets up a rigid set of standards for quality, mileage, and long-term dependability. Along with thorough inspections and warranties, CPO models tend to average slightly higher in cost than a traditional “used” car, leading some to claim that they’re nothing more than “pre-owned cars with a special sticker.” That’s not the case with most programs, and from a value stand-point, definitely not what you find with a CPO Ford.

So what do you find? Perhaps it’s better to start with what you won’t: quality issues of any kind. Part of a certified Ford’s route to the lot includes passing a 172-point inspection that starts with obtaining and reviewing VIN status, pertinent recall information, and vehicle history, as well as performing any scheduled maintenance. Passing these items results in a road test, and a “CPO” sticker if it passes.

To learn more about the Ford CPO inspections’ process, you can download the entire check list on our certified pre-owned overview page.

Certifying Peace of Mind Means Having Your Back
Our CPO Ford models also come with a third-party vehicle history report from CarFax, 24 hour road side assistance, and competitive warranty coverage. This includes:

  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty.
    Covers over 1,000 components of the vehicle, including engine, transmission, front/rear drive, steering, suspension (front/rear), brakes, technology and safety systems, and more.
  • 7-Year/100,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.
    Covers 24/7 Road Side Assistance with flat tire, towing, lock out, jump start, and other coverage, and available Ford Extended Service plans. Can also be transferred to future owners at no charge.

Inspiring the confidence to “Go Further” means ensuring that our customers are never left out in the cold—literally. With the exhaustive inspections and warranty coverage found in our certified Ford inventory, you can go about your daily life without ever having to worry about worst-case scenarios involving your car! If you have any questions, our Fort Collins, CO dealership can be reached by phone, live chat, or our contact form.


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