At Our Ford Dealership, Fort Collins Businesses Will Find Work Trucks and Commercial Vehicles to Help Them

There are many types of businesses in the area that need a special type of vehicle to handle their daily business needs, whether that's towing a car or loading up food for your catering job. Well, business owners will find a variety of offers at our dealership no matter the type of company they have and the type of vehicle they need to help it thrive. Windsor, CO shoppers will see passenger vans, SuperDuty trucks, and more when they visit, and they can learn more about the various offers when they read below!

All Work Trucks

Are you not sure what type of truck is right for you? Taking a look through our entire work truck inventory will show you the various types of offers we have. There are ones that come fully outfitted to handle your business needs and others with just the cab if you want to select a different body for it.

All Work Truck Inventory

Service Body

There are a variety of service bodies available for those businesses that need a mobile workshop for all the tools and items they need for their jobs. Our offers include trucks with bodies from respected manufacturers like Knapheide, Scelzi, and Reading, so Loveland businesses will have plenty of options, and a reliable Ford truck powers them all.

Service Body Inventory

Contractor Body

Construction crews will find a variety of contractor bodies that are the best fit for their needs as they have large amounts of space for the materials you'll be using that day as well as drawers and more for storing the various power tools necessary. Again, we have offers from a variety of companies and, again, a rugged Ford truck handles the weight you put back there. Contractor Body Inventory

Work Vans

Trucks aren't the only class of commercial vehicles that we offer as businesses such as caterers and painters need cargo vans to carry their tools of the trade. We have empty cargo vans if space is your main need as well as upfitted ones with different layouts for you to look through. Work Van Inventory

Passenger Wagons

Need a shuttle for your business? We also offer comfortable passenger vans that can help all types of businesses ensure that their customers experience the convenience that will keep them coming back! Passenger Wagon Inventory


Of course, a simple pickup is all that many businesses in the area are looking for, and they can help those that need towing prowess or the ability to plow snow without worry. The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular pickup options among our work truck offers, but there are also heavy duty options like the F-250 and F-350 for those that need more power. Pickup Inventory

Cab Chassis

There are many businesses that need a special body for their truck, and whether you're buying that body from another place or building one yourself, our Cab Chassis trucks provide you with the cab and engine you need for any type of body. Ambulances and tow trucks are some examples of vehicles that start with this build. Cab Chassis Inventory

Come on Down to Our Dealership in Fort Collins to See Our Commercial Vehicles in Person!

Following the links above will bring you to our current offers of the various commercial trucks and vans that we have for sale, but those around Greely, CO and beyond interested in them are always welcome to visit. Stopping in allows car shoppers to see the different configurations in person and talk with our knowledgeable staff about what one is the best fit for them!

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